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There are many things to think obout when having a custom rod built for yourself.You must first decide what you will be fishing for and how  you like to do it.

The choice of a blank depends on your  style of fishing like jigging ,chunking ,troling,popping,deep dropping, along with many other methods.I only reccomend only first qulitey blanks from makers like Calstar, Seeker, Lamiglass, Gusa and others.When choosing a builder it is important to have a number of blanks to compare this is why i stock hundreds of diffrent  blanks to choose from.

After you have chosen a blank to build on you must decide which type of handle will be used.grip choice is one of function.there are many choices to go thrugh, some are hypolon,EVA,cork,cork tape,and even no grips  for some ultralite  rods.

The reel seat is next.some conciderations for the proper seat are is it a spinning rod ,casting rod ,ultra lite or heavy offshore .Some other things to think obout are do i get one with trigger ,a uni butt ,or a slick butt.For a surf casting rod one mite go with a plate type seat. I stock almost all of them so i can show you the diffrence.

The butt cap can be as simple as a simple doorknob type cap or custom cork.Gimbles are also the choice for heavyer tackle.

Guides ore the next peice of the puzzle.There are so many choices of styles of guides it will make your head spin but its not that bad.I like to use mostly Fuji and American Tackle as well as batson.Like the other components the guides are chosen to suite the style and weight class of the rod. Lite spinners use a single foot  where as a heavy spinner a dubble footed guide. Mostly all casting rods use dubble footed guides. There is also a choice of what kind of incerts to use ,this depends on what fish is going to be cought.A tuna runs diffrent than a tautog . Some ceramics will disapate heat faster than others but at extra cost.Rollers also are another type of guide used for heavy trolling and standup rods.  The line being used is to be concidered in choosing like wire trolling, mono, superbraid, and lead core.

Thread comes in almost any color and shade  you can think of. For guide wraps combanations from mild to wild are the norm, so if its plain jane or a full out acid trip we can do it .The same goes for butt wraps you can go with old school dimonds or funky closed in brite contrasting colors. Its all up to you or i can come up  with somthing given a few of your colors of choice.

All wraps are sealed with at least three thin coats of epoxy.Every layer of thread is coated before the top layer is wound on making sure that water has a harder time getting in and the wraps will hold up to years of fishing serching for the next big one.

I like to spend some time with every customer putting togather what will be a custom built rod that they will love to fish with and work for them for many many years. If there are any questions feel free to  drop me a line on the contact page I would be happy to help you out  . 

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